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PWstudio3 is everything you loved in the previous version but with amazing new features to aid in your designing. All you need is your computer and PWstudio3 to bring CAD capability to your design studio.



PWstudio3 is software for anyone who wants to create professional patterns for garments or sewn textile products. It is great for the small sewn-product manufacturing business. It is wonderful for the classroom with our workbooks developed for classroom use. It is easy to use because we based it on Flat Pattern Design and manual Drafting methods. It is flexible, intuitive and inexpensive… perfect for any sewn textile product entrepreneur, the costumer or designer, the independent pattern company, or design educator and student.

  • PWstudio3 offers a new screen display with many more toolbars allows you to customize your interface.
  • Enhanced compatibility with DWG and DXF file formats allows you to share your files. Integrate your work with your favorite software programs using import and export raster files.
  • True Type fonts, Single Line Text and Multiline Text are great new additions, which also make file sharing better.
  • Editing Polylines is so much easier and faster with new commands like Grips, Reshape Polyline and Fix Nest. Grips or Reshape Polyline moves vertices or stretches arcs into a desired shape. Fix Nest will reshape nested polylines between the sample and the outermost size.
  • In addition to Fabric Utilization for markers and layouts, PWstudio3 determines fabric length and calculates the yards and meters in an instant.
  • PWstudio3 has more symbols, more libraries, new templates, new label formats, croquis, sample drawings, and tutorial master drawings, all built in!
  • PWstudio3 grades easily and quickly: any grade rule, any pattern shape to any number of sizes placed on separate layers. However, grading now has a Crossing Polygon to accommodate irregular pattern shapes. Stretch Alter also has this feature.
  • PWstudio3 has an extensive Sloper Library for children, men and women in a wide range of sizes. The Slopers, with specs and grade rules, are documented in a menu-accessible PDF document.

PWstudio3 comes with an electronic User’s Guide, which contains a number of exercises, which will get you up and running quickly. Our printed and classroom-tested PWstudio3 Workbook gets the CAD novice quickly oriented. Read more about it on the Books page. Educators praise this workbook as a classroom textbook! Check out our Workshop page if you are interested in attending.

Minimum System Requirements for PWstudio3:

PC or laptop running Windows 7, Windows XP or Vista and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher installed
NOTE: at this time, PWstudio3 is NOT Mac compatible
Intel Pentium or compatible processor (166MHz or faster recommended)
Min 128 MB of RAM (2GB of RAM or more is preferred)
Min 110 MB of free hard disk space (typical installation)
CD-ROM drive (for CD installation only)
Internal or external mouse or pointing device
17″ Monitor minimum (20″ preferred)
36″ (or wider) roll feed plotter, plotting more than 48″ length
(optional) 48″ x 36″  Wintab compatible digitizer tablet, which is Summagraphics compliant

Price: $975 USD per station
Upgrade price: $330

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Prices are subject to change with future releases.
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As always, PWstudio3 comes with the great educational and technical support you have come to expect from Pattern Works International, LLC.

Why not give PWstudio3 a try. We will send you a fully functional demonstration copy of the program for just $20 including shipping. This is refundable when you purchase the program. The trial software will function for 30 days… more than enough time to discover what PWstudio3 can do for you.

To place your order for a demo, just fill out this form and send it back to us. We will have your demo in the mail within 5 working days.

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